2.1 Cisco 675 firmware question

2.1 Cisco 675 firmware question

Post by Jack Howar » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

    I just got a Cisco 675 ADSL router to use the Zoomtown
Service from Cincinnati Bell. It turns out that they currently
are using NAT such that one can't do things like IRC or remote
xterms that have to access the domainname that is assigned to
the connection from DHCP. Their tech support claims that soon
a version 2.1 of the Cisco 675 firmware will be out and that
NAT will disappear entirely. Can anyone explain what is different
about the 2.1 firmware that this would be happening? It wasn't
clear from their explanation if NAT is being removed from the
firmware or if that is just when they are switching away from
it. Also their service is having difficulties passing the new
QuickTime 4.0 streaming video (it gets hung in the negotiating
phase of playback). Is this something else that v 2.1 of the firmware
will resolve?
        Thanks in advance for any insights?
ps Other than these addressing problems caused by the use of NAT
the ADSL has been very nice.

1. Cisco 675 2.1

I'm curious about the newest version of the Cisco 675 OS, that supposedly
isn't supported by USWest. Is it as risky as it's made out to be in some
texts? Is the risk in user error, or is there some other factor that may
affect its success?

I'd also like to know just how competent this new version is. I'm aware of
the crappiness of 2.0.1, so is 2.1 any better? Will programs like ICQ work
without port mapping?

-Janssen Kuhn

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