IPSEC newbbie

IPSEC newbbie

Post by Liviu Faci » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 22:10:30


I have to set up an uBR 924 with IPSEC support to use Certificate
Authority. I have installed an Win2k Server with CA Service. I need a
step-by-step procedure to set up IPSEC to use those certificate.
Thank you,

Liviu Faciu
Network Administrator
Astral Telecom Bacau,


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I'm trying to configure a Cisco 1720 router to talk to a FreeBSD 4.5 IPSec
client (racoon/isakmpd) over a VPN tunnel.  Is this possible?  And if so,
does anyone have any hints as to make this possible?  My FreeBSD kernel is
configured for IPSec and the 1720 router is IPSec capable, so i just need
a few hints here.

Is racoon or the isakmpd port preferred for this?


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