Using SNMP to set snmp-server on Cisco

Using SNMP to set snmp-server on Cisco

Post by Jay » Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

This seems like a pretty straightforward (seemingly RTFMesque)
question, but after looking and looking, I cannot find the answer..

Is there a MIB to get/set the "snmp-server host" and "snmp-server
enable traps" configuration on a Cisco router?  If there is, what is
it?  If there is not, why not?

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1. Changing snmp trap destinations by means of snmp set


is there a way to change the snmp trap destinations on a cisco
router/device, by means of an snmp set command? I would i.e like to use an
snmp set command towards a router, and tell the router to which ip
address(es) it should send all its future snmp traps.

If this is possible, which mib variable could be used for this purpose, and
in which cisco mib is this variable defined?

Frank W. Mortensen
Oslo, Norway

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