Frame relay payload compression.

Frame relay payload compression.

Post by Subodh Nijsur » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

In what release of IOS, frame relay payload compression support first added?

Any recommendation on a stable release, if one wants to enable
payload compression on sub-interfaces...


1. no frame-relay payload-compression fRF9 stac - lose router connection

If I telnet into a branch site router - and enable compression (using the
command:  frame-realy payload-compression fRF9 stac)- it is listed under the
subinterface s0.1 - when I do a 'sh run' on the branch router.

When I use the command: sh compression
it gives me all the stats.

However - when attempt to remove the compression with the command:  no
frame-relay payload-compression fRF9 stac

I lose the connection to the router.  I have to have someone at the site
reboot the router and run off of the startup config.

How can I remove this line - when I'm at another site?
Am I doing something wrong?

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