Cisco 2500 and Frame Relay of 2 Mb

Cisco 2500 and Frame Relay of 2 Mb

Post by Victo » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00


Anybody know if a Router Cisco 2500 can hold without problems a
connection Frame Relay of 2Mb (E1) with a input CIR of 1,5Mb and output
CIR of 1Mb.

Thanks, Victor.


1. How do i configure a cisco 2500 router with Frame-Relay and NAT

We have been working on our case study for CCNA 4, and we are assigned
to put frame-relay as the encapsulation type on all the routers, and
NAT on the router that the main offce's hosts are going to use. We are
using CCNA 3's case study, but we are just incorperating CCNA 4's case
study specs. My classmates and I can get either frame-relay or NAT up,
but not at the same time. When we try to put both on we can't ping
each other or some wierd things will happen where we can ping one but
not the other. We were wondering if anyone knew what the problem was,
or if you couldn't give us some kind of configuration. If you need the
configurations for our routers, e-mail me back and I will get them to

reply soon

thank you,
          OC's CCNA 4 class.

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