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and after removing the dialer and reloading, all dialers responded with no free dialer (IOS ver. 11.2(14) on a 3620).
Removing all dialers (and the pri-group, which was probably not needed), reloading and configuring it all again, all the dialers were available.
It will probably take a few days before I try backup interface again. (What I was really trying to do was to make a backup load command, I had allready configured static backup of dynamic routing with success).


    have you ever experienced no free dialer error in dial-backup

    I can debug it and send it to you individually..



1. dial backup backup

Theoretical question: suppose you'd like to dial backup to one site,
and if that fails call another site. Is there any way to do this?
I'd prefer not to assume there's traffic to trigger things via DDR.
The idea is to have a site that gets disconnected call in, advertise
its presence wherever it is, have some UDP broadcasts find it.


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