Router will not accept incomming calls.

Router will not accept incomming calls.

Post by Richard Eriks » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi There

I have a small problem with a cisco 2503i, i have reload the router
once every 24 hours or so, or the routet  will not accpet incomming
calls nor wil make outgoing call. Can some out there give me a hint ?.



1. OCLM Does not drop a B-Channel on incomming call

It will drop fine for an outgoing call and when the voice call is done it
will add it back again, no problem.  Te problem comes when someone tries to
call in and both B Channels are up using "add second B Channel as required".
Instead of the OCLM dropping the second channel to recieve the call it goes
directly to voice mail.  I suspect that this is whre my problem lies,
insted of the incoming call bit from the switch being transmitted to the
OCLM I suspect that the switch looks at the line and says (laymans terms)
"oh its in use i'll just send the incoming call to Message Line".   Any

Thanks for any input.

I might also add that if only one channel is being used the incoming call
comes through just fine.

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