Tftp Server for NT

Tftp Server for NT

Post by Carsten Fo » Fri, 08 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hello Worls <G>

Does anyone know where to find at  Free tftp server for windows NT ??
This'll make file alot easier when configuring our routers.


Carsten Foss


1. tftp server for NT 4/98SE machine w/multiple adapters?

The Cisco freebie tftp server seems to only listen on the first adapter it
finds (of the adapters which have TCP/IP bound).  This has turned into a
remarkable hassle since I seem to keep wanting to use it on machines for which
the first adapter is not the one I want (these are not necessarily machines
on which I can easily deinstall and reinstall adapters to make the search
order come out right).

Does anybody know of a tftp server which either listens on all adapters or
which allows you to somehow specify which IP address it will listen to?

Many thanks,

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