Question on adding ip address to route table in 2501

Question on adding ip address to route table in 2501

Post by George Samuelso » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,

I now that this a very simple question.

I am attempting to connect the Altavista Firewall product to our backbone
and am having troubles getting the second ethernet interface on an
alphastation to talk to the internet using a cisco 2501 v9.14.

After talking to digital the past few days it appears as though I need to
enter the ip address of the tu1 interface card into the cisco's route
table. Apparently the Altavista Firewall does not send out RIP by design
so before the cisco will talk to the alpha I need to do this.

I am pretty new to this so could you please explain how I would enter this
address into the route table for the 2501. Let's say for example the
interface on the alpha is

Thanks for your help,



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If there is any way to do it dynamicly, please drop me a line, I
appreciate any input and help.


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