appletalk and ppp

appletalk and ppp

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          FROM:      KENT.HUNDLEY

          DATE:      04/23/97
          TIME:      19:56:40

          SUBJECT:   appletalk and ppp

     Does anyone know why I would have problems with appletalk over a ppp
     connection from a Cisco to a Wellfleet?  This connection has worked
     for a long time, albeit somewhat sporadically.  The owner of the
     Wellfleet upgraded his router and now the appletalk will not come up
     at all. (Cisco IOS is 10.3.18)

     Show apple int s 0 tells me:

       appletalk port disabled, acquiring net information

     a debug on ppp negotiation tells me:

       PPP Serial0: Unsupported or un-negotiated protocol. Link = appletalk

     a debug on appletalk packet int s 0 tells me:

       Serial0: encapsulation failed AT packet: enctype PPP, size 29

     I have tried re-entering the commands for appletalk from scratch and
     reloading the routers with no success.

     Is there some trick to make this work, or would I be better off
     tunneling through ip instead?

     Any comments appreciated.

     Kent Hundley


1. what's with ppp/ipx & ppp/appletalk

I am in the process of reviewing our options for async dial-in networking and
need background on some PPP related issues. I've read the recent FAQ and most
of the PPP related RFCs. The questions I have aren't really addressed in either
of these sources.

There are several RFCs related to supporting protocols other than IP -- the 2
I'm most interested in are IPX and Appletalk. The ISI RFC info server lists the
following three documents:

   DOC-ID: RFC1378
   TITLE: The PPP AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP)
   AUTHORS: B. Parker
   DATE: November 1992
   KEYWORDS: point
   ORGANIZATION: Cayman Systems
   CHAR-COUNT: 28496

   DOC-ID: RFC1362
   TITLE: Novel IPX over Various WAN Media (IPXWAN)
   AUTHORS: M. Allen
   DATE: September 1992
   KEYWORDS: IPX on X.25, IPX on PPP, IPX on Frame Relay
   CHAR-COUNT: 30219

   DOC-ID: RFC1552
   TITLE: The PPP Internetworking Packet Exchange Control Protocol (IPXCP)
   AUTHORS: W. Simpson
   DATE: December 1993
   KEYWORDS: IPX, point, serial, line, link
   ORGANIZATION: Daydreamer
   CHAR-COUNT: 29173

The questions I have are:
 * are there any reference implementations?
 * are there any commercial products which support any or all?
 * both suites are messy as far as routing and service location protocols and
   these issues haven't (quite rightly) been addressed in the RFCs but are
   important if interoperable systems are a goal -- are they addressed
   anywhere else? I gather the this one of Novell's arguments for IPXWAN (y/n)?

I will summarize any answers and pass them along to the FAQ editor.


Ian Duncan  ---  McGill University Computing Centre  ---  +.514.398.3710

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