MIB Errors On RFC1382-MIB.my

MIB Errors On RFC1382-MIB.my

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Does anyone know why I'm getting the following errors from NetView
when trying to load RFC1382-MIB.my?

"Error detected while loading MIB file
/usr/OV/snmp_mibs/RFC1382-MIB.my.  This MIB cannot be loaded until the
following problem is corrected:

Line 1750: Error defining DEFVAL: Expected '}', found '{'

Accepted syntax for OBJECT-TYPE:
  object-label OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX type
    ACCESS read-only  |  read-write  |  write-only  | not-accessible
    STATUS mandatory  |  optional    |  obsolete    | deprecated
[ DESCRIPTION  "text"  ]
[ REFERENCE    "text"  ]
[ INDEX  { variable ...  }  ]
[ DEFVAL { value }  ]

:: =  { parentlabel subid }

    SYNTAX TimeTicks
    ACCESS read-only
    STATUS mandatory
      "The time (in hundreths of a second) since the network
       management portion of thr system was last re-initialized."
  :: = { system 3 }"

I also attached the MIB.

Stephanie Cornish

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sitting here and wondering that against all definitions  in the Cisco
MIB Specification, not all the MIB are supported by the access devices
in reality.

Especially the Cisco SYSLOG-MIB is not supported by almost all access
devices. The Specification promises:

The below MIBs are supported by IOS version 10.2 and later.

See e.g. for 7000 Series:

We have on almost all routers IOS-Version 12.2(6) running and I expect
that the MIB are supported according to OR LATER.
But, it seems that only the MIBs of 10.2 are supported (e.g. on the
7000 Series).  Especially I will use the Cisco Syslog Mib on different
routers. But, this seems to be possible only on 2600 & 3600 Series (so
my tests on the routers).

Does anyone knows what is wrong here?, or is that always good luck
what MIBs are supported?

Hopefully anyone has a hint for me.

Thanks in advance

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