2509 and dynamic PPP

2509 and dynamic PPP

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I just set up tacacs+ on freebsd and was wondering the following:

Did anyone else need to delete the password aging section in order to compile

I can do a reverse telnet to the modem and get a login/password prompt, but
will not prompt when connecting directly to the port

When I _do_ a reverse telnet, I get the login/password prompt, I cannot quit
out as there is no prompt after and I cannot use +++ to escape. Is this normal?

Is there a sample config file for dynamic ppp somewhere I can reference to see
if I did this correctly?

Thanks for any help. I am new on the Cisco 11.0 having had more experience
on the Livingston/Radius combo.

Lindsey Cheng


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I have a CISCO 2509 router to configure to run SLIP/PPP to the IBM
Global Network (read ISP) and they only allow Dynamic IPs.
Is it possible to accept values back from the connection within the
'chat' script to set the IP address using something like:-


Any help would be really appreciated.

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