Correct IOS for 2610 & 2620 ADSL WIC support

Correct IOS for 2610 & 2620 ADSL WIC support

Post by Watt » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 22:29:08

Hi folks,

I have both a 2610 & 2620. What are the correct IOS versions i should use
for them to recognise my new ADSL WIC?




1. 2620 IOS query for ADSL WIC

Hi folks,

Does anyone know which IOS image filename will work with my 2620 router to
boot the ADSL WIC which is inserted in it? Or even if this card is supported
by the router?

I've tried two images so far that said they support the ADSL WIC but both
fail to recognise the card. At boot the POST says "unrecognised card in
slot....etc, etc".

D Watt

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