Frame Relay IP Address for Router to Router

Frame Relay IP Address for Router to Router

Post by David Hur » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 10:26:34

I had been using the serial port address in my DNS server for the routers in my frame-relay network. The problem was that I had to have a frame-relay map statement to go from one router to another for every possible connection. I decided that since all frame-relay ports are the same network in my partially-meshed network, the router could not router amongst themselves without the map statement. To get around this, I created a unix script to read all my cisco configs and build a new DNS host file that uses
the Ethernet interfaces. To my surprise, this didnt work either. I am assuming that it doesn't work because the source address from the router from which I am telnet'ing or ping'ing from is still using the IP address of the serial port and therefore, still needs the frame-relay map statement.

Questions: Is this the problems? If so, how can I force the router to use it's Ethernet interface IP address as it's source address? Is there another solution?

David Hurst from Reliance Electric, Cleveland OH. I can also get e-mail at

David Hurst


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I am attempting to create a test environment to simulate a customer's
network.  I have connected a Cisco 2600 with a WIC 1DSU T1 card to a
Cisco 1700 with a WIC 1T card that is connected to an Adtran TSU IQ.
What configurations should I add to each router to emulate a Frame
Relay network. I followed the instructions found at , but I
still cannot get the routers to talk to each other.

Additionally, what type of cable and pinouts should I use between the
2600 WIC 1DSU T1 card and the Adtran TSU IQ network port?  I am
currently using a T1 Crossover cable (1-4, 2-5 on one end, 4-1, 5-2 on
the other).

Thanks in advance,
Chris Reed

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