wtb: low-end Cisco router

wtb: low-end Cisco router

Post by Nora Bennet » Tue, 02 Sep 1997 04:00:00

WTB: Low-end, e.g. 2500-series Cisco router with 2 Ethernet connections
and one
serial port.  I'm located London, UK.  Please contact Larry Bennett

Nora Bennett


1. WTB: 2 low-end routers


        I'm looking to buy two low-end routers.  Must handle Ethernet
and leased line at either 56k or T1 speed.

        Cheaper is better.

        Cisco is preferred, but not required.

        Either used or new is fine.


Day phone:      312-362-4988
Evenings:       847-356-6850

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