TACACS+ GUI App for SPECTRUM: FREE 30 Trial Offer

TACACS+ GUI App for SPECTRUM: FREE 30 Trial Offer

Post by MATS Limite » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

                        TACMAN FREE TRIAL OFFER

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TACMAN makes security administration a breeze.

TACMAN is a Management Module for Cabletron's SPECTRUM (c) which
a graphical user interface (GUI), to access and manage Cisco Systems
TACACS+ security protocol.

If you are a SPECTRUM user and manage Cisco routers or other equipment
that can implement the TACACS+ security protocol (e.g., Ascend) then
TACMAN is for you.


# TACMAN is a graphical user interface (GUI) for TACACS+ Security
# Enables the easy use of all of TACACS+ functionality: Authorisation,
Authenticaton and Accounting
# TACACS+   public domain source code is included with the TACMAN code
# TACMAN adds a double layer of security by using SPECTRUM's inherent
# TACMAN saves you hours of tedious and complicated work by
AUTOMATICALLY developing the configuration files you need
# TACMAN provides you with a visual display of the security hierarchy
within your organisation.

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