Network World review of high-end routers

Network World review of high-end routers

Post by Adam Gaff » Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:00:00

This week's Network World has a review that compares Cisco's 7200,
Bay's Backbone Concentrator Node and 3Com's  NetBuilder II.

You can find a copy of the review, along with a summary of key
findings, a discussion of price and performance and a detailed
description of how we tested the units, on Network World Fusion

Reviewer Edwin Mier asked asked the three companies to submit high-end
boxes configured to concurrently support multiple dual FDDI ring and
100Base-T interfaces, as well as a bunch of Ethernet ports. For good
measure, he asked them to include a couple of serial and token-ring
ports (space on the backplane permitting) and their latest and
greatest management wares.

Mier found the Cisco and Bay routers superior to the 3Com unit.
Whether you use Cisco or Bay, though, depends on your preferences -
the Bay offers better throughput performance, but the Cisco model
comes with some more advanced features.

If you haven't used NWFusion, you'll have to register first, but it's

Adam Gaffin
Online Editor, Network World


1. Network World review of 5 low-end routers

In this week's issue, Network World reviews branch-office routers from
Bay, Cisco, RAD, RNS and 3Com.

Reviewers Edwin E. Mier, Robert Smithers, Jr. and Roy  Mesker found
that the Bay BayStack Access Node was the the best buy for the dollar,
because it offered the best overall performance, was relatively easy
to configure and had a broad number of connectivity options.

You can read their review on Network World Fusion,  On the main page, enter 2108 in the
DocFinder box.

If you haven't used NWFusion before, you'll have to register first,
but it's free, and once in, you can bookmark any page and not have to
log in again.

Adam Gaffin
Online Editor, Network World

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