Cisco 1003 & Ascend Max4000 callback

Cisco 1003 & Ascend Max4000 callback

Post by Oliver J. Albrech » Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:00:00


I'm planning to test CLID based callback over the weekend with a
Cisco 1003 and an Ascend Max 4000. What I want to do is this:

The 1003 initiates the first call to the Max, this call is rejected
via CLID and the Max starts the callback session.

I've already done the same thing with both a Pipeline 75 and a PC
running ISDN4Linux, so all the settings on the Max 4000 side are
in place.
Since I found no information whatsoever in the list archives and on or, I thought a request for tips on
how to configure the 1003 might be a good start :).
Any help is greatly appreciated...


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1. ASCEND MAX4000 <-> CISCO 2503I Callback-interoperability !!!HELP!!!

can someone help me, please.

for nerly 4 months we trie to get information from either cisco or
ascend; but non was really helpfull.

we have got the following configuration

<GW corporate network>
      <CISCO 2503 I>
            I S D N dialup-line
<Internet service provider with ASCEND MAX4000>

the connection to our ISP works fine, as long as we are the one, who
initiates the connection. but we want to start our web-server (for 4
moths) so we need our ISP to call us. they told us, it shoudl be done
using callback; the meen the ASCEND calls our CISCO, he rejects and
calls the ASCEND at once.

neither ascend nor cisco could tell us that it works or it doesn't


any help welcome !!!!


philipp weckerle
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