need wlan packet capture

need wlan packet capture

Post by Ani » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 00:26:48

Hello everybody,

            Iam working on a packet generator for wlan . Can anybody
send me a sample packet capture (ethereal ) of WLAN frame.

Thanks in advance


1. Packet capture tool needed

  We have a network segment that looks like this:

   ----------------                             -------------
   | Cisco Router |-----------------------------|  Repeater |
   ----------------                             -------------
                                                 |  | ... |  |
                                                 |  | ... |  |

  Thick ethernet is between the repeater and the Cisco, thin ethernet
comes out of the repeater.

  SNMP queries to the repeater (Cabletron MiniMMac) indicate that
ethernet frames with the Cisco source address are being seen coming
from both the thick ethernet (the right answer) and one of the thin
segments coming from the repeater (shouldn't ever be). A bridge placed
on that thin segment, between the repeater and the PC's that live on
that thin segment, also sees frames with Cisco source addresses arriving
from both the repeater and the PC's on the thin segment.

  I want to be able to capture and examine the frames with Cisco source
addresses coming from these PC's. Our current protocol analyzer gear
will certainly capture frames with a given source address, but it cannot
distinguish real Cisco frames from otherwise.

  An RMON capable bridge or repeater should be able to do what I want,
which is to capture frames with a specified source address arriving on a
particular port.

  I have not been able to find such a device, however. Does anyone know
of a bridge, repeater, or test equipment that will do what I'm looking
for? Thanks in advance,

    Scott Baily
    Academic Computing & Networking Services
    Colorado State University
    Ft. Collins, CO.    80523
    Phone: (303) 491-7655 <> FAX: (303) 491-1958

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