Cisco 1004 router

Cisco 1004 router

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I'm a newbie on cisco routers.  How can I configure two routers to use
both B channel on power on.
When I start the router, only 1 B channel goes on.
I've tried "ppp multilink"
"dialer load-threshold 1 either" to activate 2 channel
but it doesn't work.  I've a 128Kb ISDN line.

Here's my setup:

Site A
Name: Router1
SPID1 = 111-1111
SPID2 = 222-2222
Ethernet adr:
Dialer1 adr:

Site B
Name: Router 2
SPID1 = 333-3333
SPID2 = 444-4444
Ethernet adr:
Dialer1 adr:

Can someone send me the minimum configuration? Thanks a lot
A cisco ing is 320$/hr


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Is it possible to have the Cisco 1004 router ( ISDN -> Eth ) setup to
route between an ISDN connection and an ethernet network using a
reserved IP range? As I understand it, the network is
considered to be non-routable. But it is necessary to have the router
connect the ISDN line and the reserved IP network. So, here is a little
diagram . . .

[ISDN]<--->[cisco1004]<--->[ethernet network using resrved range]

Will this work? I thought that maybe the router would route the normally
reserved network because it had a configured interface on it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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