did anyone succeed adjusting 2FXS with siemens's HICOM 150E?

did anyone succeed adjusting 2FXS with siemens's HICOM 150E?

Post by Hiler Joh » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 12:41:12

Hi, all.

site A  samsung's pbx       siemens's pbx  site A
 |                                        |
user                                     user
I found user in site A could receive calls and call out, but we can only
receive call on site A. I checked it, when dialout,I found the HICOM 150E
already selected the line, but it seemed that it  couldn't detect the dial
tome from FXS (maybe other reasons, I use debug in router, couldn't find any
dialer number from PBX).When a call from site A, the pbx can detect the
ring, so we can receive call. I tried to adjust some parameters in both
router and PBX,but all failed. Did anyone have such experience?

Of course, if we just use nomal phone set, everthing works well. I have
checked on CCO, cisco say 2FXS can also be used to connect PBX, and there
have many working project. But I couldn't find the detail about how to
adjust PBX, expeciall siemens's HICOM 150E.

Thanks a lot


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