Utilization measured by mib vars vs. rmon mib

Utilization measured by mib vars vs. rmon mib

Post by Saundra Emm » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Is there a means to compair Utilization calulated for ethernet using
ifInOctets and ifSpeed to utilization for the same ethernet calculated using

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1. Should REPEATER MIB (RFC1516) and RMON MIB (RFC1757) give the same results?

I've been happily using the Repeater MIB (RFC2108) to do traffic
for repeaters and switches on my network, but I've recently received
devices which don't "do" RFC2108, so I have to query the RMON MIB
for the ports in the device.
(I haven't been using RMON all along because some of my really old
don't support RMON, but they do support the Repeater MIB)

In my devices that support both MIBs, though, I've had some strange

I get substantially different count results from
  RFC2108 rptrMonitorPortReadableOctets = 1128824064
  RFC1757 etherStatsOctets              = 2097785344

(similar results for rptrMonitorPortReadableFrames vs. etherStatsPkts

Any ideas on why they might be sooooooo different?
(It's a 3Com SuperStack II Switch 1000 - it isn't technically a repeater
...maybe I shouldn't even be using RFC2108 against it?? ...perhaps the
bridge MIB (RFC1493)?)

Thomas Dzubin
Network Analyst
Saskatoon, Vancouver, and Calgary CANADA

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