problems with 2507

problems with 2507

Post by aruth » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am getting a bad memory - wrote zero, ..... error when I boot.  It is not
going any further, no prompt.  But once when I hit the break key it gave me
this error clp-beec.cfg Parity error control reg=0x4318 but I have not been
able to repeat this.  I am new to routers and could use any help I can get.
I have not had much luck with Cisco's page as I am not registered.  I was
given this router to learn knowing it had problems.  The hub portion works
fine.  This is an older router running Version 5.2(8a).  Also, is there any
information on the jumper settings on the board.  Thank You



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I am getting a bad memory error wrote zero .....  It is not giving me a
prompt to do anything else.  I get this error with or without the simms.  I
was wondering if this would be repairable.  I also am curious about the
jumpers on the board.  I have not had any luck on cisco's web page.  I was
given this router knowing that something was wrong with it.  I can use all
the help I can get.  Thank You


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