Cisco 1004 and 3com Impact IQ

Cisco 1004 and 3com Impact IQ

Post by Tpha » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have a ISDN cisco1004 at work and want to use the 3com isdn modem Impact
IQ at home to connect to the cisco. Can I do that? If yes, does anyone has a
sample configuration.



1. 3Com Impact vs IQ Impact?

I have some "new old stock" that I would like to sell, but I haven't been
able to find any good reference documents for the 3Com Impact ISDN modem
(model 3C876 for the Macintosh if that matters). Most of what I see for
sale right now is the newer IQ Impact model, which I know is smaller, but
don't have a clue about any "real" differences and the 3Com support pages
for the Impact point to IQ documents so I wonder if they might not be
functionally about the same. In addition of any functional differences I
would like to know what the 3Com attitude is regarding warranty on new,
but older products.


BTW I have found two documents, how to order a ISDN line, and a fairly
generic FAQ on the 3Com web site directly referencing this model, but
nothing I can pass on to a buyer and expect them to make sense of.

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