White papers released on BGP driven DDR & DDR from AUX to AUX

White papers released on BGP driven DDR & DDR from AUX to AUX

Post by Dr Vincent C Jones » Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:00:00

As some of you have noticed, it's taken far longer than expected to get
the first set of White Papers suitably sanitized for publication on the
www.networkingunlimited.com. But anyway,

"Using BGP to Trigger Multiple Levels of Dial Backup on Cisco Routers"
"Using the AUX Port on Cisco Routers for IP/IPX Router to Router Comm"

have joined

"Performance Impact of Backbone Speed in Switched Backbone Architectures,"
"IOS Configuration for Redundant DLSw Connecting Ethernet Attached Devices"
"Using Dial-on-Demand Routing to Trigger Backup Links on Cisco Routers"

as links with real content behind them, leaving only

"Automated Analysis of Cisco Log Files"
"Configuration of Transparently Redundant Firewalls"

to be released among the set originally promised. Funny how the ones with
the shortest titles are taking the longest to sanitize and generalize.

Comments and feedback on any of them are most welcome, particularly any
errors which have snuck through the revision process.

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to interconnect ours LANs. On our side we have a 7000 and on the customer
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