CMU mib.txt for cisco mib ?

CMU mib.txt for cisco mib ?

Post by Ken Sto » Thu, 22 Nov 1990 14:33:21

Does anyone have a mib.txt file for CMU's snmp package that understands
everything in cisco's 8.0 mib ?  

All I want to do is monitor frame errors on one of my fddi's :-)

  -- Ken


1. SNMP Cisco IP accounting mib.txt for CMU-SNMP

I've seen people asking a lot about a mib file that would work with CMU's
snmp package to pull ip accounting data off a Cisco and put it in a file
or whatnot for parsing.  I trundled a complete MIB together a while ago
for just that purpose, and attach it gzipped and uuencoded in case someone
else might find it of use.

The simple command to pull off the data is (all on one line):

snmpwalk -v 1 routername public > /tmp/outfile

It takes a while and produces large, easily parsed files.  You can of
course parse it while it comes in by piping through your filtering
program as it comes in, yadda yadda yadda...

The whole lip.AccountingTable set is supported in the mib file so you can
pull off no. of packets instead of bytes, etc.



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