ddns & cisco configuration to run web server on a local ip

ddns & cisco configuration to run web server on a local ip

Post by ciscowa » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:39:44

i need the running configuration for cisco 837 to let it permit a local
webserver ( ) called xx.dyndns.org to be seen over the
internet ...
i have ios v14 and cisco sdm  .
i also need some debugging commands to see what is going on when ddns
works .

ddns & cisco configuration to run web server on a local ip

Post by Merv » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 17:34:01

DDNS support was introduced in IOS 12.3(8)YA

Dynamic DNS Support for Cisco IOS



1. Local IP configuration & Local Web Server


I have two problems that I hope someone would be kind enough to help
me with:

1. I have a Netgear DG814 modem / router to which two machines are
connected. One is running Windows 2000 Professional and one is running
Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I have internet access on both machines
no problems. However the TCP/IP settings for the Local Area Network
for each
machine is set as 'automatically detect'. This works fine but the IP
each machine changes according to the order which is booted.

So that I don't need to keep changing Port Forwarding settings etc, I
would like to fix the IP for each machine. Currently my router
is fixed as and the gateway is being used as a DCHP server
according to the router software. I would like to fix the Advanced
machine's LAN IP as and the Professional's LAN IP as

Also I have given me two static IPs. Currently only the one is being
used. However can you tell me how I can allocate the one IP to
Advanced Server and the second IP to Professional. Also a notebook is
occasionally connected to the router and I would like to use the
second ip.

2. I have my own domain which I would like to host on the Advanced
machine. I have currently installed Apache web server for Windows
which is
up and running. However can you please tell me what steps I need to
take so
that my domain is resolved to the Apache Server. I have four fields I
to complete with the company with whom I registered the domain:

Primary nameserver address
(e.g. ns0.newhost.co.uk)
Primary nameserver IP
Secondary nameserver address
(e.g. ns1.newhost.co.uk)
Secondary nameserver IP

Can you please tell me what these settings should be and what other
steps I
need to take.

Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate it !

Rupesh Patre

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