WMF graphics print poorly

WMF graphics print poorly

Post by Ron Teplit » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 08:28:11

I have some clip art on CD-ROMs in .WMF format. When I print such a
graphic from Frame 6, it looks very jagged; quality is very low. How do
I fix this? Do I have to convert these graphics to some other format?

Mac B&W G3, FM 6, Epson 850 printer w/USB interface.

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WMF graphics print poorly

Post by Tim Murra » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:41:16

WMFs look jagged because it describes curves as short straight segments.
Using nearly art program you can converted to any other format on the
planet, but you still get the same thing because you're only changing the
format, not the curves.  If you want nice curves, you'd have to manually
redraw the curves.

I suppose you could blow the graphic way up, "trace" it using Adobe
Streamline or Illustrator, and shrink it back down.