Unreliable anomaly, or...

Unreliable anomaly, or...

Post by Rodney Dye » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 03:50:57


While creating some Win2k/XP command shell scripts the
other day I came across a strange anomaly in the command
shell processor "cmd.exe".

Normally, to execute a child command shell script from a
parent shell script you must use the "call" command.  But
the information on Microsoft's web site...


....states that you can't use pipes or redirection
symbols with "call".  This is unforunate since that is
exactly what I would like to do.  Microsoft does not
state why this is so, it would be very nice to know.

However, while hacking up a solution to the problem I
found that the following works...without a "call"

child.cmd | more
echo This should not be seen!

echo Wacky!

You can see in the "parent.cmd" script that I'm executing
the "child.cmd" script without using a "call" command,
yet if you run this you will see that the parent
continues after the execution of the "child.cmd" just
like it had been called.

What is going on here?  Is this reliable enough to depend
on?  Is it a bug?  I can't find any literature on the net
on why this is happening.

Anybody got any clues?




Unreliable anomaly, or...

Post by Brett Keown [MSF » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 03:43:16

Hi Rodney,

Thanks for your post to the Microsoft public newsgroups.  I am currently working on identifying the best person here to help you.  I have sent your post on to
one of our support teams.  You will receive a reply from either myself or another of our Support Engineers as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience,

Brett Keown
DS Communities Team
Team Development / Visual SourceSafe

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Unreliable anomaly, or...

Post by Mike Dut » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 04:15:42

I have not done batch programming in a while but if I recall correctly the
Call command simply makes the call asynchronous vs. synchronous without it.
The sample you provided functioned as I would expect it to.

child.cmd | more
echo This should not be seen!

echo Wacky!

When parent.cmd calls child it will simply wait there until child.cmd
completes and then continue.

Mike Dutra
Microsoft Developer Support WSH/WMI/Cluster Dev

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confers no rights. You assume all risk for your use.


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