Custom flyover toolbar buttons in a NameSpace Extension?`

Custom flyover toolbar buttons in a NameSpace Extension?`

Post by David S. Kulwi » Sat, 01 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to implement custom flyover buttons in an NSE?   It's
no problem when I create the toolbar (TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST etc.)  but since I
only have a handle to the explorer's toolbar I'm unsure of the procedure.
The docs say that Hot support only works with imagelists, but with an NSE,
the docs say I should use TB_ADDBITMAP and SetToolbarItems.  This only
appears to give me one bitmap mapping.  Is there any way to extend the
explorers hot and disabled image lists?

Also, when I try and send a new image list to the explorer toolbar, all of
the buttons go away (for the image list that I tried to set).



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IShellBrowser.SetToolbarItems(NULL, 0, FCT_MERGE)

After this call it si 3 pixels wider. At least on Windows 2000. What's going

TIA, Dave

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