NSE with background image

NSE with background image

Post by Aaron Simmon » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 06:45:16

I'm using SHCreateShellFolderView in my NSE.  I'd like to
put an image/watermark onto the listview.

Are there any registry settings to get this to work
automagically; ie, like customizable folders with
background images in Win2k?

I've also tried sending LVM_SETBKIMAGE to the listview,
which works until the user refreshes the view, which
clears the image.



1. Enumerating list of files under NSE fails second time after NSE device removed/inserted back

Hi All,

I am writing application, which gets list of image files under a particular
directory/Camera namespace NSE and displays image thumbnails. Recently I
added code to refresh my Tree control view, when devices are dynamically
added/removed. I implemented this code by listening for WM_DEVICECHANGE

Here are the steps
- Camera is connected to Computer
- First time App runs, I could display images from Camera namespace device.
- I remove the camera by removing USB connection.
- Treeview updates and doesn't display NSE.
- I insert the Camera back . Tree view displays NSE.
- I click NSE. I try to get list of files. Here it FAILS. I tried updating
Shell Cache on MyComputer/Desktop Nodes.

- I could get properties AND attributes of NSE device.

The call "spEnumIDList->Next(1, &lpRelPIDL, &ulPIDLsFetched ))" returns

Any ideas why. TIA.

Here is code snippet to get list of files.

CComPtr<IEnumIDList> spEnumIDList;
 CComPtr<IShellFolder> spShellDesktop;
 CComPtr<IShellFolder> spShellFolder;
 ULONG ulPIDLsFetched =0;
 CString temp;

 hr = ::SHGetMalloc(&spMalloc);
 if (FAILED(hr))
  return FALSE;

    hr = ::SHGetDesktopFolder(&spShellDesktop);
 if (FAILED(hr))
     return FALSE;

 // Now, get the IShellFolder interface for this
 hr = spShellDesktop->BindToObject(m_lpParentFolderPIDL, 0,
IID_IShellFolder, (void**)&spShellFolder);
 if (FAILED(hr))
          return FALSE;

 // Enumerate the objects underneath it.
 hr = spShellFolder->EnumObjects(NULL, SHCONTF_NONFOLDERS, &spEnumIDList);
 if (FAILED(hr))
     return FALSE;

// SECOND Time , spEnumIDList returns FALSE.
 while(S_OK == spEnumIDList->Next(1, &lpRelPIDL, &ulPIDLsFetched ))
     // Get PIDLS, Open file , Read it.



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