ShellExecute problem in XP

ShellExecute problem in XP

Post by Elli » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 02:15:52

I have seen many messages in this thread and others complaining about
ShellExecute problems in XP.
I am trying to open a url from a C++ program using the default
My command is:

I compiled the executable in Visual.NET C++ on an XP machine.
When I run the executable on a Windows 2000 box, it pops up the
website just fine.
When I run it on XP, it does nothing for a while and then returns an
error code 29.

This is listed in ShellAPI.h as:   SE_ERR_DDEFAIL

Anyone know anything more useful about this?

Elliot Katz


ShellExecute problem in XP

Post by David Lownde » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 04:29:12


I don't seem to have such a problem. Which browser are you using as
your default?

Try some different options using the ShellExec test program on
( From the error message you received, you might
need to use ShellExecuteEx (though I don't know why as I don't need



ShellExecute problem in XP

Post by Bob Moor » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 22:24:54

Quote:>I am trying to open a url from a C++ program using the default

What happens if you just double-click a html file ? I'm assuming that
the URL you provide actually resolves to an HTML or HTM file, so....

Go to any (Windows) explorer window
select Tools ~ Folder Options ~ File Types
select HTML file (or HTM)
press Advanced
select Open
press edit

What do you see as the setup ? I get the following :

Application used to perform action : <full path to exe>
Use DDE : checked
DDE Message :  "file://%1",,-1,0,,,,,
Application :  IExplore
DDE application not running: blank
Topic :    WWW_OpenURL

This is on Windows 2000, BTW. On XP systems I see this (slight)
difference :

DDE Message :  "%1",,-1,0,,,,

Why windows 2000 chooses to use an explicit  file qualifier I don't