Can we send message from ICopyHook interface's callback function?

Can we send message from ICopyHook interface's callback function?

Post by Ponn Periasam » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 23:17:33


For my Application, I wrote one shell Extension(Consider as MyHook.dll)
using ICopyHook Interface.
CopyCallback() is the callback Function for MyHook.

All Directory and file operations will be passed through "MyHook" extension
by Shell.
CopyCallback() of MyHook will process these operations and return the
According to the CopyCallback()'s return value, Shell decide what action it
have to take on that Event.

Everything OK updo this.

My problem is,
MyHook should only process the events from one specific directory. (Ex:
Now it deals all events from all over the file system.

CopyCallback() should post one or more Messages to another running process
(Ex: MyApp) before returning value.
(My ultimate aim is, I have to use some other resources to decide what value
we have to return)

And one more problem is,
As the system using this Extension, I cann't rebuilt it(MyHook.dll) with new
("Access Denied" message appeared)
For that I have to restart every time whenever I made changes in it.
Do we have any workaround?

Thanks in Advance,
Ponn periasamy