PlacesBar customization?

PlacesBar customization?

Post by Alexander Petro » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi, All,

Is it possible to customize Open/Save dialog's PlacesBar?
In the times of w2k-beta program (this winter) I found one article
where was pointed on such capability as future goal.
Is this feature implemented now?

Thank you



1. User Domain customizations please!

That should include ~/Library/Sounds as well if it exists.  

Where I work, programmers do not have Administrator access to their
own machines.  The support group installs everything.  So any
customizations need to occur in the user domain.  So in general, if
there is anything you look for or do in /System/Library or
/Applications, make it at least an option to do the same in ~/Library
and ~/Applications.

Example: It would be real nice to be able to install my own custom
project stationery somewhere in ~/Library and have it show up
alongside MW's stationery when I am creating a project.

While you are at it, why not let Access Paths be relative to one's
home directory? (Yeah, I could do that with Source Trees.)  We are in
a multi-user environment now. People (even programmers) do not
necessarily own their whole machine.

Keeping everything backward compatible with OS9 I leave as an exercise
for the reader.


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