SHFileOperation problems

SHFileOperation problems

Post by Milto » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 22:18:25


SHFileOperation will return with an error when trying to
copy multiple files to multiple destinations.

I am talking about 5500 files. If I try to copy 1000 at a
time it works fine. (same location, same destination).

However, some other machine might have these 5500 files
stored in a 5th or 6th level directory and the characters
required to build the pTo and pFrom strings may vary.

I was wondering if there is a maximum of characters to
pass to pFrom or pTo that causes the error if exceeded.

Is this the cause or should I look for something else?
I use Windows 2000 and call this function from VB.


PS. I handle byte allignment as described in the MSDN
library (Q151799) using byte arrays. So I don't think
there is something wrong there. (or is there?)


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I posted this question some days ago but I didn't get an

So here is a short version of the question:

Is there an upper limit on the characters that I pass to
pFrom and pTo in SHFILEOPSTRUCT???. If yes what is that?

The function returns with an error if I use a big string
to copy lots of files to multiple destinations.

Thanks in advance

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