How to uninstall, reinstall or update a NSE in program?

How to uninstall, reinstall or update a NSE in program?

Post by Bob Pan » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:48:17

Hi all,

I want to uninstall, reinstall or update my NSE in my application, but it
may being explored by user or not, the DLL may be loaded by the Explorer so
that I cannot delete or overwrite it, what should I do ?

Thanks in advance!



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I am thinking of reinstalling FS95 with less components to free up some
space on my hard drive.  Presently it is occupying almost 100 MB.. I don't
use the lessons at all so if I can reinstall without these I will.  What
other components are unnecessary and what should I back up before
uninstalling?  I have quite a few 3rd party panels and some add-on scenery
also.  Is there any real benefit to doing this?  
Thanks for your advice.

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