Should SHChangeNotify update my folder view ?

Should SHChangeNotify update my folder view ?

Post by Joop van Busse » Tue, 03 Jul 2001 16:58:24

From what i have read about SHChangeNotify i believed a call to this
function should update the view of the folder.
When i for example delete a file from my virtual namespace i call
SHChangeNotify but the view doesn't change :


Studying the Microsoft CDBVIEW sample i saw that after calling
SHChangeNotify the function NotifyViews is called which does the actual
update of  the view.
Is it right that SHChangeNotify doesn't update any views ? Allright it
notifies, but what does the OS do with it ?




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This works fine in Win2k and Xp, but IT DOES NOT WORK in Win98!
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subfolders remain in the treeview!
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