Post by Davinci Jeremi » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 22:36:22

Browser helper objects gives developers the ability to add toolbars and
explorer bars inserted into internet explorer and the Windows Explorer.  An
example of a BHO can be seen by clicking the Folders button or Search button
in explorer or clicking View|Explorer Bar|Tip of the Day.

My question is what version of the shell and internet explorer does BHO
work?  What version checks should be made to insure flawless compatibility?

Thanks in advance.

Davinci Jeremie



Post by Jim Barr » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 01:39:05

> My question is what version of the shell and internet explorer
> does BHO work?  

According to Dino Esposito's article, BHOs are supported in Internet Explorer from version 4.0 and in Windows Explorer from shell version 4.71.

Jim Barry, MVP for Windows SDK


1. Attn: Sandi MVP [ re: BHO Cop ]

Sandi ...

Install and examined "BHO Cop" ... ( hmmm !!! )

Well.. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting to see.
In view of my recent browser "slowness" .. I suppose
I expcted to see a whole "swarm" mischievious little
"critters" lurking in my system.

But there are only TWO.

1) Adobe Acrobat Reader
2) Norton Anti Virus

Neither seems particularly ominous.
Both seems to be properly "registered".
That is they both have ActiveX ID numbers.

Both are Enabled.
And I see no reason to disable them unless I
experience a new rash of problems .. then I'll
experiment with toggling them on and off.

BTW .. I have determined that NAV auto-scan
does in fact slow-down my browser functioning.
I'll leave it *ON* most of the time when "surfing".
 * (  discretion being the better part of valor ) *
Toggling auto-scan on-and-off is quick and easy..
without even having to re-load the browser.

Anyway ... Thanks for the "BHO Cop" tips.
I'll use it to peep under IE's skirt .. as a part
of regular and frequent sys-maint.


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