XP IShellFolder::EnumObjects bug

XP IShellFolder::EnumObjects bug

Post by mike » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:56:15

After obtaining a IEnumIDList from identical
IShellFolder's, the pidl returned from IEnumIDList::Next()
is missing the SHGDN_INFOLDER string.

should be for SHGDN_INFOLDER :
"Server Description (ServerName)"

instead is returning:

I don't see anything in the documentation which
indicates a dependency on the SHCONTF_* parameters
of IShellFolder::EnumObjects and the pidl returned from
I get the descriptive server name. I guess I will have to
stick with the non-descriptive name for servers in my


m_hr = m_ShF->EnumObjects( NULL,

m_hr = m_ShF->EnumObjects( NULL,
m_SHCONTF_FOLDERS, &m_pEnum );


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seem to work fine and IShellFolders are being taken from the cache and given
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Anyone got any ideas?


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