How to use SHChangeNotify

How to use SHChangeNotify

Post by Vladimir Vlaso » Fri, 07 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm calling SHCangeNotify to update contents of my namespace extension
folder, but nothing happens.

pidl, NULL);

pidl is relative to Desktop. Did I missed something in my
IShellFolder::BindToObject? It is called several times after each
SHChangeNotify call.

What explorer doing after it receives notification message?

please help.


1. SHChangeNotify !?

Hello everybody,

I'm developing a shell namespace and I have to notify the shell everytime a
new folder is created, removed, renamed, .... The only way to do this (as
far as I know) is SHChangeNotify function. So I call SHChangeNotify with
proper parameters and I see that it is working. The shell updates his tree
everytime I tell him so. So far so good.

I noticed though that after calling that function the shell keeps a
reference to one of my IShellFolder(s) and the DLL will not be unloaded when
I close the Explorer. If I comment the line SHChangeNotify, everythink is
OK: the shell releases all my interfaces and the DLL can be unloaded when
closing Explorer. ?  Any ideas would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

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