Help with WIA programming

Help with WIA programming

Post by axis » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:36:42

This is in XP/ME. I'm registering my program so that it appears in Control
Panel > Scanners and Cameras , for the Device Online event. I execute:


and it works great. Now, later on I want to be able to un-register it, I

 hr =

with the exact same values for app/app_name/app_desc/icon, and it gives me
the error : "parameter incorrect".

Not very descriptive. All the parameters are allocated and hold the values I
expect them to...

Any ideas? I know I can use other RegisterEventCallback functions to recieve
messages directly in my app, but I need to register the application this

Thanks in advance.


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When I use Scanner and Camera Wizard in Windows XP Pro to scan a photo
I end up with extra white borders on the right and bottom edges of my photo.

This occurs with different photos.  In fact, I even tried a totally
different scanner (also Epson).

After further testing, it appears that when I scan with a photo program
(Adobe Elements or other)
and choose TWAIN then the photo is scanned fine.  If I choose the WIA driver
then the photo
ends up with the extra white borders again.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on how I might fix this?

Thank You.

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