SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex) and owner drawn list view control

SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex) and owner drawn list view control

Post by Timo Partane » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:05:53


All we know that SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex) provides a way to implement SNE
(Shell Namespace Extension) with less time and work. However, does it
provide fully customizable features like self drawing a list view control
being currently in report mode? Can programmer do with the window created by
SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex) as he/she has created it itself?

I took a brief look at the documentation available for
SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex) and found the SFVM_WINDOWCREATED message to be
the only choise/possibility to start doing those kinds of things. Am I

BR Partsi


1. Adding+renaming a new item to the default Shell view (created with SHCreateShellFolderView)


I implemented a Shell Namespace Extension using the default shell view via
SHCreateShellFolderView(). Now I want to implement the menu item "New
Folder" -- this seems to be easy, but a problem occured.

This is what I do in detail:

- Adding a new folder to my data
- Calling SHChangeNotify( SHCNE_MKDIR )
- Calling IShellView::SelectItem( SVSI_EDIT )

But the call of IShellView::SelectItem() returns always E_FAIL, because the  
shell view don't know anything about the item yet, because it hasn't
handled the SHCNR_MKDIR message yet. I solved this problem with a separate
background thread, this thread gets started right after the call of
SHChangeNotify(). The background thread waits 100 ms and then calls
IShellView::SelectItem(). Well, this works, but I'm not very happy with
this sick solution. Furthermore it causes the item to flicker.

Has anybody an idea how to implement this in a better way?


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