Web Based Doc Mgt for Laboratories

Web Based Doc Mgt for Laboratories

Post by Richard Stemb » Thu, 03 Oct 2002 06:25:29

Sept 20, 2002 - http://www.visidoc.com - S&P Scientific, LLC.
announced today the release of its new VisiDoc? Laboratory Document
Management System. Designed with fully scalable tools, VisiDoc is a
powerful solution for companies needing a secure and robust database
to store, distribute and control access to mission critical files.
VisiDoc incorporates many unique and revolutionary document management
functions specifically designed for research, R&D, QC and production

While VisiDoc looks and functions like a typical Windows application
it runs as a web application in standard web browsers.  It is
delivered to the users PC as active server pages (ASP), via Microsoft
IIS (Internet Information Server) and uses a SQL Server backend.  With
the exception of document viewers for the file types stored by the
customer, there are no VisiDoc files that need to be installed on the
user's PCs.  All of the VisiDoc executables reside on the server and
are provided to the users PC for execution on demand. S&P Scientific's
plans include introducing support for Oracle databases in early 2003.

Please visit http://www.visidoc.com to test drive the software and
request more information.


1. Web-Based Image Processing Laboratory OPEN for FREE use...

Dear All,

I have developed a Web-Based Image Processing Laboratory as part of an
MSc I am taking in Remote Sensing & Image Processing which performs its
image processing using IDL and I am making it  accessible to anyone in
the hope that perhaps some people may use it and give their comments on
how easy it is to use to me although I am equally happy for people to
just use it for whatever purpose.  Due to a limited developement time
there is no on-line help currently but hopefully the interface is
intuitive enough to allow most people to find their way about.

If anyone is interested in looking at it, it can be found at:


or alternatively in times of (local) crisis at:


Thanks and best wishes,

Mark R Harding.
Mark R Harding
Department of Meteorology
University of Edinburgh
Kings Buildings, Edinburgh. EH9 3JZ

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