Find out documents with same content

Find out documents with same content

Post by cequ » Thu, 24 May 2001 22:20:21

Duplicate files manager could find out files with same content and
make them as a group!
Many other utilities maybe find out files with file name or file size,
but Duplicate files manager
go further, it could find out files with same content with high speed,
that it what you want , right ?
Why not try to download it , it free for try!

1. Text not found in some PDF documents, Found in others - Why?

I have used the text select and column select buttons before, but they
don't work anymore.  Below is my real problem:

I received data in a TIF document (three columns: first is text,
second is a number, the third is a date) that I want to put into Excel
without having to manually re-key everything.  So, I thought I could
convert it to PDF.  I tried this two ways:

1) printing the TIF file on paper, scan the printed copy using HP
scanning software which allows me to save it as Adobe PDF ("editable
2) From Adobe open the TIF file using "File" "Open as Adobe PDF"

I figured I could then use the column select tool or the text select
tool to get the data into Excel.  Or I might be able to save it as RTF
from there.  But these tools don't work in this PDF document.  And it
won't save it as RTF, either.  In fact, even the CTRL-F, Edit Find,
and Binocular buttons don't work.  (By "don't work", I mean that I get
prompted for the text I'd like to search for, but Adobe fails to find
the letter "a", even though it's in the document many times.)

I've found some PDF documents on the web (e.g., and saved it on my
hard drive.  I opened it up using the same sofware, and the search
buttons, etc. work on this document.

Any advice, tips, information is appreciated!


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