Technical Consulting Opps. in Content/Document Management

Technical Consulting Opps. in Content/Document Management

Post by Mike Hugil » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 02:17:39


I just wanted to post a brief notice to list members interested in staying informed to opportunities I am working for leading SW vendors in Content, Document, and Knowledge Management technologies nationwide.  I see many of my clients mentioned weekly in postings by list members.
Please contact me off list if you are interested in information regarding what I am currently working on.
I place only experienced Sales, Presales and Consultants in mid to sr. level  permanent positions.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Mike Hugill
Principal Recruiter
Evergreen Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 536
Garrett Park, MD. 20896
(301) 942-8168

YahooIM: Evergreengroupinc


1. Knowledge Management/Document Management/Content Management Software for Linux

Dear All,

My company is looking at creating an enterprise portal for the
employees to increase collaboration across the organisation (about
1000 people). We have little money so are examining the use of GPL
software for the project. We basically want to run the following
- Calendar by city to list upcoming events
- News Headlines/Announcements
- Centers of Excellence (COE)

Under the "Centers of Excellence" we want to create a number of groups
that will promote discussion/collaboration. Thus we might have a
Knowledge Management COE under which would be included:
- A Discussion forum with a threaded and searchable list
- Bookmarks area for interestined web sites where anyone can add a
- Files area, including directory structure, where someone can place a
selection of files that might be useful to other people (pdf, docs,

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard mention of phpCMS, Zope
and others but I really have not had a chance to look at things. Any
ideas would be appreciated.

Paul Merrill

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