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Post by NOORAIN ANSAR » Tue, 05 Jun 2012 18:19:40

Hi Nesbit,

Please send ur query

Thanks & regards,
Noorain Ansari

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I am in the process of replacing our company's accounting, manufacturing,
and distribution software with an Oracle7 based package that is written
entirely in Developer/Designer 2000.  I am trying to determine which network
operating system and hardware platform we should run on.  We currently have
about 100 users on a Novell 3.12 running on a Compaq Proliant 1500 server.

We know we must buy an additional server but don't have experience with
anything but Compaq.  As for NOS, I've heard NT is slow but easy to
configure and manage.  I've heard UNIX is fast but cumbersome to manage.
Novell may get eaten by Microsoft.  I would like to hear other's opinions
who have used Oracle on various platforms and NOS.

We are growing very rapidly.  I may have 200 users in a year or two.  May
also need to link to another warehouse/office location soon.  I want great

Any advice/opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Arnold
Director of Operations
Colorbok Paper Products, Inc.

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