Problems running a star

Problems running a star

Post by Maria Dolores Hernandez y Fernand » Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:00:00


  I'm Loly. I'm trying to run a galaxy. But I have a problem because when I run
my galaxy the system showed me this problem :

  "DEADLOCK: the indicated stars cannot be run"

  I have looking up something about this problem but I cannot find anything
about it. I'd like to know if  somebody had had a similar problem or knows
something about it.

  Thanks you

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The star you are loading has a bug in it that is causing
the pigiRpc process to exit.

Debugging incrementally loaded stars is tricky, there is
some information at: Debugging Ptolemy and Extensions Within Pigi

Personally, I find it easiest to build a ptcl that has
the star built in at link time.


    I have a problem when I run a star. I load my star and when I run it. In my

    screen appears the window of run and quickly my result appears but I can no
   t see
    it. And after that in my vem window appear this message:
    "RPC Error server. application exited without callign RPCExit.
     Closing Application
     Elapsed time is 65 seconds"

     If I run another star I have not any problem. But I do not why it appears
    this star.

    Thanks for your help,
     Loly Hernandez

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Posted to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list.  Please send administrative

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