Xerox mouse pads

Xerox mouse pads

Post by Mark W. Reede » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 17:12:00

 I hope youknow that you can xerox those mouse pads!  I never used the originals
supplied by Xerox for my mouse; I would always copy them and use the copies. ]

Before I downgraded to a Sun-mouse & U**X, and used X1186...

a) I made 6 * photo-copies of the original pad.
b) Locked up the original pad.
c) Inserted 1 copy under the handy plastic sheet that Xerox
   supplied on the front cover of each InterLisp manual.

To me, this provided i) a slow-fade pad
                    ii) an ergonomically-preferable wrist angle
                        provided by the manual.
                   iii) Nothing glued to my (real) desktop

Why so many hybrid pad/manuals ?...
There's a clever feedback system through the mouse. This ensures
that the code being written/debugged requires reference to the manual
under the mouse (whenever possible whilst a button has to be held).
(ENVOS to exploit this?)

Swapping OUT a manual/pad on needing to reference an ON_LINE page !
NIH - visitors take the pads out and mutilate them or lose them
      when borrowing the workstation.
Having to look over your shoulder for persons in white coats.

I only pass this on because one person told me it was an excellent
idea (and he's still on the outside).

(& testing my route via trans-"pond" mail gateways)


1. Xerox mouse pads

I never understood why the xerox optical mice "shit on the pad".

If you look at a worn pad, there are wierd black spots, perhaps caused
by light from the mouse?  Is it really true that the pads wear out
because the mouse goes to bathroom on them????

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1304 W. Springfield, Urbana, Ill 61801      

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