XeroX Black Print Head P100 8R7969

XeroX Black Print Head P100 8R7969

Post by Retail Is 4 Sucker » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 05:45:27

Anyone know where I can get a cheap XeroX Black Print Head (P100 8R7969)
in the US?

1. Help: Xerox N17 printing black band on edge of paper

I just bought a Xerox N17 printer, and no sooner do I
have it out of the box it starts printing a small black
band on the right side of the paper.

I have seen another Xerox printer (a 4512n) do the same
thing. I talked to the person who had that printer and
he said they couldn't figure out a fix for it so they
just scraped the printer (using new toner cartridges and
image drums didn't work).

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Is this a common problem with Xerox printers?

Anyone have a fix, or suggestions?

Any help will be appreciated. I've got about 6 days left
to return the printer, so if I can't get a fix within the
next couple of days I'll be boxing it up and sending it


- Ricardo

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