RedHat LINUX 9: CUPS: PPD: Can the Paper Type Property Option be Made Available?

RedHat LINUX 9: CUPS: PPD: Can the Paper Type Property Option be Made Available?

Post by Derek Beru » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 01:34:16

I've gotten my Phaser 7700DN setup and configured for use with my
LINUX workstation which is running RedHat LINUX 9.  The only problem
that I am encountering is that we typically use the "Heavy Laser
Paper" because we're using a heavier bond of paper.  Whenever I print
to the 7700 DN from my LINUX workstation, the printer indicates that I
need to insert "Laser Paper".

I can see when I look at the properties page for my printer that there
is a Paper Type option; however, there is nothing selectable.  Can the
.PPD file be edited to allow me to specify a paper type for the job


1. Ptolemy 0.7 for RedHat Linux 4.2 (i386) Available (RPM Packages)

This is the first version of Ptolemy for Linux which is contributed as a
bunch of relocatable RPM packages for RedHat Linux 4.2 (ix86). This should
should shorten and ease the installation/uninstallation/update process a
lot. Even unexperienced Linux users should be able to install and start
Ptolemy. No manual adjustments necessary. Even the environment variables
will be set automatically.
Just plug 'n play.

The RPM packages are available at

For more information get the file README and INSTALL from this site.

They will also be available at the original Ptolemy ftp site in Berkeley

Please notice that some of the packages which are mentioned in the files
README and INSTALL are not available yet. However these packages are
optional packages and they are _not_ required to run and use Ptolemy. They
will be available soon.

Have fun.

Wolfgang Reimer.
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